URGENT! Prayer Request {update 9}

From Erica:

Please say some extra prayers for Sheamus over the next couple of days. He is having surgery tomorrow (Wednesday) to place a feeding tube into his belly. We opted not to have the tracheostomy. He seems to be doing fine without one. It would have only been for ease of suctioning his secretions and saliva for mommy and daddy and comes with its own risks of infection. Once he has the feeding tube, recovers from surgery, and we are trained on his care, we can take him home. :)

From the family:

From Erica: It went well! They already extubated him. So he is breathing on his own. :)

I was told by his daddy that he’s very awake right now. And I’m glad they can hold him directly after because they weren’t sure if they’d be able to till tomorrow. Thank you again for the prayers! 
After recovery, and after they are trained on how to care for our little man, he’ll be going home with them. It’s a long road ahead of us, but we are just so grateful he’s here. There are many unknowns: he may never eat on his own, walk, or talk. Although this sounds like he’s up against a lot, which he is, he keeps making small, but important, victories. Our hope remains in the Lord!

Erica and Mark took the older kids to a wedding over the weekend, so Sheamus grandparents and one of his aunts stayed with him at the hospital. His Grandpa posted a video of Sheamus finding his hand and putting it in his mouth. I tried to share it here, but it won’t upload. Trust me when I tell you it was precious beyond words to see him moving around!

Erica posted when they were back with Sheamus and said that a speech therapist had been by and left a flyer on “Ideas To Help Me (baby) Stop Crying” at the foot of his bed. She said, “if only my baby would cry. The things we take for granted.”


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