URGENT! Prayer Request {final update}

I was so good about updates; I am sorry to say this update is 2 weeks old!

Sheamus was cleared, his family learned all they needed to learn for his treatments at home, and he was released from the hospital, 5 1/2 weeks after birth, on October 28th.

He went in for a checkup on November 2nd and his weight was up to 9 pounds 3 ounces.

From Erica:

Not much has changed. He has a feeding tube since he still can’t suck or swallow. These functions can still develop later. He does make slight sucking motions with his mouth and he is needing less suctioning of secretions and saliva, which makes me think that he is somehow swallowing. So hopefully we see more improvements in these developments. He passed his hearing test and he does make eye contact here and there with us. He gets hypertension so we check his blood pressure to see if he needs medication to lower it. He usually does need it. We check that 4x a day. He takes Zantac to help keep him from spitting up. What the doctor told us is that from looking at the EEG and looking at him physically you would think it wasn’t the same child physically he looks great, but the brain doesn’t look very good.

As for a little bit more of an official story, this is from Erica’s mom:

My daughter’s uterus ruptured at the very end of her labor… her baby boy went without oxygen. It is a miracle Sheamus is still here with us!My daughter went 3 days with internal bleeding, had 2 blood transfusions and was released from the hospital. She returned the next morning to a different hospital and had a hysterectomy the next afternoon. She was given 7 units of blood during surgery. I thank God she is ok now!

The family is all so excited to be together again. They have had multiple visitors and seeing the love pouring out all over their facebook profiles is just so wonderful.

When he got home, they started applying Frankincense essential oil to his head. Frankincense is an amazing oil that has been known to restore, repair, and help all sorts of ailments.* I swear you can already see him smiling! God willing the frankincense along with all our continued prayers will prove reconnection of cells and brain power!

He has to have a special carseat because he has no strength to hold his head. They’re hoping that strength will come so he can graduate to a regular carseat, otherwise they will upgrade to the larger size of this same seat he got.




Please don’t forget to pray for sweet Sheamus or his adoring family! Thanks for following along here for updates. I will be sure to let everyone know down the road any major accomplishments he makes.

Most recent posted picture of Sheamus sleeping on his Momma



*These statements have not been approved by the FDA.


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