*In a Nut Shell


Early in October, Faith got accepted into one of the Classical Charter schools I had applied to in the spring! We got the email on Wednesday, and by the following Tuesday she was a full blown school girl.


She absolutely loves it! It has been a bit of an adjustment for all of us, but I am over all very pleased with it all. I admittedly had a serious anxiety attack the night before she started. I questioned everything!

Was this right? Will she be okay? Was this God’s will for our family? How will she adjust?

I had been praying for so long that a door would open and a light shown on our homeschooling, so this had to be His will and there was no reason for anxiety. I also used some oils to help me chill out!  ;)

The school is actually affiliated with Hillsdale College in Michigan and their Responsive Ed program. Hillsdale funds classical education charter schools throughout the country, with a great chunk of them here in the DFW area. I have loved the concept of Classical Education since before I even started homeschooling, but the amount of time, work, and study involved I knew I would not be able to do it successfully while still mothering and housekeeping.

Anywho, Faith got in and she’s super happy. And now we are just trucking through this some kids homeschooling and one kid in school. I am so excited to have all three of them in, when God opens the door for us, though. I have met my match mothering 6 and unfortunately homeschool suffers the most for it.

We are schooling every day, but I know there is something MORE we could be doing. Or maybe I am just too hard on myself? I don’t know. This is a strange chapter in this book of my life!

So, Faith going to school was probably the most exciting thing to happen with someone turning “fwee” being a very close second!



She talked about her birthday for 2 weeks! She came out of her room bright and early and asked me if it was finally her birthday. I gave her a big hug and told her yes! Her birthday was finally here and she was three now. She was unconvinced though. She said she wasn’t “fwee” yet. I could tell the wheel were turning in her head. She didn’t *feel* different so her birthday and being “fwee” still hadn’t happened.

After a trip to the donut shop, opening presents from her godparents and my parents, she officially had a change of heart and had the best birthday, though, infact it was her favorite! ;)

Inbetween school starting and Karolina turning three, I did take some pictures…




Early Halloween Party
Phillip wanted to do a lemonade stand SO bad. He made $5 in his 30 minutes sitting out there. He poured and Karolina advertised ;)

Finally, we wrapped up October with an All Saints party at our parish. The kids went souling to the classrooms that various groups of kids and adults decorated to hand out treats. Everybody attached the name of someone who had passed away to the candy, cookies, or gum that was handed out so that person would be prayed for before consuming said treat.

Trick or treating as we know it today actually comes from a tradition in Medieval England and Ireland that started back hundreds of years ago. Folks would go door to door and sing songs and say prayers for lost loved ones in each household. They were given “soul cakes” for their efforts.

So, that’s what we did. Sort of! ;) There was also games, non sugary snacks to enjoy, and fire pits too. The kids all loved it! As long as they keep on loving it, I totally don’t mind making it our new Hallow’s Eve tradition.


Faith was St Elizabeth of Hungary; Felicity was St Elizabeth Ann Seton; George was St George the dragon slayer; Phillip was St Michael the Archangel; Karolina was a wingless angel; and Anastasia was a giraffe from Noah’s ark. (It was also Literary Linen Day at school, so Faith went as Lady Guinevere as the kids could dress up as any character from the books they had/are/were going to read this year.)


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