*In a Nut Shell

Giving Thanks Early

As I posted on Instagram earlier, life is a beautiful chaos.

Today was the first day in well over a month that I did not HAVE to leave my house. It was a glorious feeling!

I stayed in my pj’s most of the day. And I did whatever I wanted in whatever order I felt like doing it in.

Half way through the day, my OCD started rearing it’s ugly head as I still hadn’t completed anything in full.

I washed a few windows. And I wiped down  most of the ceiling fans. Laundry throughout. Ran the vacuum. Washed bathrooms. You know, things that haven’t gotten my honest attention in…well over a month.

But, I did 98% one handed. You see, Anastasia still only loves me the most. Which is SO flattering, but life! I have zero ability to let my kids cry it out. I don’t really believe in it. My mom still swears by it! But I would rather deal with life compromised than lose my mind listening to needy babies.

Then there was the usual tendings to older kids and their random hopes, dreams, problems, and broken hearts.

By the time I finally showered at 4:00, I was worn out. And the day wasn’t nearly close to being done! There’s still dinner, more laundry switching, more needy baby, chores, rosary, and bed time.

As I prayed for a second wind, my mind was flooded with all the times I have been told, or read somewhere, that these are the days I will miss the most someday.

So I am ending my Thanksgiving-eve tired but still trying to have a smile on my face. I am thankful for my family, including my needy baby, a house that I can clean out of order in a way that works with said needy baby, and wine. 

Thank You, Jesus, for wine.

Hold your family tight. These are the days!


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