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Post Thanksgiving Smiles

On Karolina’s birthday last month, Phillip had his very first, very loose tooth.

We were at Wally World picking up some pizzas after we picked up Faith from school. We had our friends, Genevieve and Daniel, with us as we waited as patiently as possible for our 4 veggie pizzas to be ready. Eight kids + dinner time + Friday night = we buy ice cream too and Mom calls wine-one-one.

Phillip debated the whole day about pulling this tooth out himself or having me do it. I just encouraged him to keep wiggling it and the answer would come to him.

And it did.

At Wal-Mart.

Amidst our group of 9 and the 2 ladies behind the counter and the 4 other folks waiting to be helped, it happened.

Phillip: Mom! An idea box just dropped on my head and brought me the idea to twist my tooth out. And I did!! See!!!!

Me: an idea box dropped on your head?!

I congratulated him on a job well done, chuckled with the adults about said Idea Boxes(!!!!!).

Since then, Phillip has had ideas dropped on him many times, each one much more creative than the last.

He has actually lost 2 teeth now. Have I mentioned Anastasia is afraid of big kids?? LOL

I am $49 away from being done with Christmas shopping! My goal is to be done before Advent begins each year, so even though I didn’t finish yet, I would say I sure done good. And, my proudest part of this accomplishment this year was that atleast a third of it I paid for with the funds I earned using my favorite apps. Thank you, free money!

Speaking of advent, it’s here. Happy and blessed Advent to you!

We try to stay low key, make small sacrifices and not get too Christmas-y too soon. I mean as much as I love Christmas and everything that comes with it, I just do not love it 10 seconds after Thanksgiving.

Anyway, one thing that’s tradition for us no matter what is our Elf on the Shelf, Louis, returns to us on the the first Sunday of Advent. 

And you know the great thing about kids: they forget nothing. Especially related to Christmas. So! First Sunday if Advent rolled in and Louis was nowhere to be found.

I died. 

All day.

My kids searched high and low, inbetween, underneath, and behind everything they could think of. Karolina and Phillip called out for him, “Loooooouiiiissssss” for an hour total as they wandered in and out of our entire house and every inch of outside.

Did I mention I died? I felt SO bad everytime they came and asked me for ideas of somewhere new to search. By dinner time, the conversation shifted from his hiding really well to maybe Louis didn’t come at all!

By the time it was time to tuck them into bed, it was decided that Louis thought we moved again (because we move alot!) so was searching for us OR he was simply stuck in a tree because it was pretty windy over the weekend.

Needless to say, Louis came back last night! He hid well enough to be believed he may have been there the whole time, and close enough to an entrance that he may have slipped in a day late.

Louis hiding in the curtain folds practically hidden behind bookcase

I wish I was recording when they found him this morning! They practically tripped over each other in glee, whooping and hollering!!

It may be pretty silly, but I love the joy and excitement that this corny little Elf brings to our home.

So that’s what I have for this post Thanksgiving! Drop a line in the comment box and share whats new with you!


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