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Diabetic Alert Dog here we come!

I have an exciting update!

We are on the list for my dog and are going through Diabetic Alert Dogs of America :) 

God willing, they’ll find a match for me soon and begin the training process. We probably won’t get him until after Christmas, but that’s a good thing as we want him to be well trained.

None of this would be remotely possible without the generosity of our family and friends. We still have about half the funds more to raise, but atleast things are in forward motion now! :)

I’ve said thank you many times already, but I really and truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping our family in this way. 

I got my EEG results earlier this week and all was clear without the slightest abnormalities. She said I wouldn’t need to go on meds or return to see her for any follow ups down the road.

Now, we are working with the orthopedic doctor’s office in getting approval for shoulder surgery from our insurance company as they denied the first request that was submitted. Apparently, shattered, stretched, and torn shoulders aren’t deemed medically necessary. Who knew? 


And, I am going to get my Dexcom continuous glucose monitor in the next few weeks. The Dexcom is one that fellow T1D’s have been telling me about for a long time now. I chose it because it can communicate with other devices. This means Lowell will be able to keep tabs on how I am doing while he is at work. 

I am looking at getting a Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch for myself so I can easily track what’s happening without having to stare at my phone all the time. But! One purchase at a time.

Have a great weekend, everybody! Thanks for reading along with me on this newness of our life’s adventures.

*Operation Get Healthy

Is this preventable?

We find that folks who can’t seem to wrap their mind around our current situation ask us, or more so Lowell, “Isn’t this preventable?”

First of all, I think it may be a bit of ignorance that brings this question up. I mean, most people’s understanding of diabetes is of Type 2 Diabetes. You control your blood sugars with diet, exercise, and maybe some pills or an occasional insulin injection. 

But, the reason why it is maintained in that way is due to the fact that a person who has T2D still has an operating pancreas. It doesn’t work as well as it should be for one reason or another, but it still works just the same. And, the diet with exercise maintenance that is done with a functioning pancreas leaves room for very little error or negative effects. 

I am a Type 1 Diabetic. My pancreas does not produce one drop of insulin. My health, my whole life!, depends on artificial insulin. In addition to insulin, that I receive via an insulin pump, I also need to eat well and exercise often.

Now, because I use an external pump, when my body under goes any type of physical stress, my blood sugar raises; when I eat more than I should, my blood sugar raises; when I get sick, my blood sugar raises; when I go through hormonal changes in pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, and weaning, I go through blood sugars spikes.

I also go through periodic extreme lows. Usually, in my day to day activities, I can sense a low coming on, check my blood sugar, and fix it accordingly. But, much like the hormonal changes that cause spikes, they also play a part in serious drops.

These drops are unpredictable. As are spikes, which are dangerous in their own regard, but they happen. These situations of low, and high, blood sugars don’t happen on any type of schedule, they just happen.

My pancreas doesn’t work, so when my body has too little, or too much, insulin there is nothing to fix it besides my checking my blood and drinking some juice for a low, or administer more insulin for a high.

When I am extremely low, I become “checked out” and say or do things I wouldn’t normally say or do. But! If you don’t know me well, I can convince you I am well.

The night I had my seizure, we think I must’ve already been low and instead of getting up in the middle of the night to eat to fix it, I gave myself MORE insulin.

Isn’t this preventable?

Sure. During the day, when I am aware of what is happening. I can make sure I don’t exercise too much after taking some insulin because exercise assists in lowering blood sugar. I can make sure I take enough insulin at meal time, stay hydrated, and stay away from processed food in order to avoid high blood sugars.

But, in the middle of the night? When I probably was experiencing a hormonal change or … something? When that change sent me so low that I was “checked out” and made a bad problem worse because I took insulin instead of eating?


That is not preventable. 

It is not preventable in the sense that I can’t control my actions when my blood sugar is too low.

And, it is not preventable when internal changes happen and my brain can’t tell my pancreas to adjust because I basically have an external pancreas on autopilot. It’s waiting for me to adjust it according to my findings, when I am aware of them on their rare occasions. 

It is preventable when I am still aware and can make good decisions about correcting an extreme low blood sugar. Or, when someone who is with me and knows me well can read into my not being myself and take action.

So, isn’t this all preventable? 

My answer is technically yes, but in reality, no. 

This is why my sister-in-law started a gofundme for us to get a DAD, and why we are looking into getting a Continuous Glucose Monitor. We want to avoid such a tragic incident from happening to our family ever again.

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The little things

You guys!

Faith’s and Felicity’s friend, Genevieve, was motivated to fundraise when she heard Lowell talking about ways to raise enough funds to get a Diabetic Alert Dog. 

She got with our girls and they got approval from our parish priest to do a bake sale after Masses yesterday.

They’d been secretly plotting a “project” over the week and got to working on it on Saturday. I knew they were doing something good, but had no idea it was me.

When I came out of Mass yesterday, Felicity handed me a little flyer and said, “We are raising money for someone we love.” The flyer had a picture of a service dog with a note about hosting a bake sale to raise funds for a dog for our family.

The whole parish got involved, and everybody wants to help us out.

The Knights of Columbus said they’re willing to do some things to raise money for us, there are more families who want to participate in another bake sale, and everybody is eager to do all they can for us.

Again, I am overwhelmed to tears by all this generosity and love! And, how sweet are the girls for coming up with that plan all on their own??

God bless you all. And, thank you. Be assured of my continued prayers for everyone who has helped us in anyway during this time. 

*Operation Get Healthy


There’s been partial updates on Facebook but not here.

I am mending that now :)

The neurologist appointment went pretty well last week. She asked tons of questions about the seizure and everything leading up to it in the 24 hours before. It breaks my heart everytime I watch Lowell revisit the intimate details of that night as his face flushes and his eyes fill with, and sometimes spill!, tears.

She ordered up a 48 hour EEG to scan my brain and said if there was anything off in that she will order up an MRI for a deeper look. And, if it all comes back normal, she will clear me for surgery. 

I was nearly alien for 48 hours, but I made it through! We will see the doctor for results on the 28th. She is hopeful things will be fine, but since brain tumors run in my family, she decided it best to cover all our bases.

I have been doing physical therapy for a week now and oh-the-burn! My arms haven’t fallen out all the way, but my right arm has a bit and is still very sensitive. My left arm is responding beautifully to therapy, though, as I have more ease of movement now. So hopefully that side will continue to cooperate and I can get back to semi normal activity in the next month or so.

We saw a priest yesterday so Lowell could talk to him about his PTSD. It went very well, but Lowell can really use any extra Hail Mary’s you can spare. I am suffering physically, but his suffering emotionally is a far bigger issue, I think.

He has panic attacks when separated from me for too long. He still has nightmares. And, he has anxiety. 

He’s embracing this well, but he needs help through this trauma so he can get back to his routine. This will probably never fully go away, but to atleast help him come to grips a little better would help him tremendously. 

So, please join me in prayer for my guy and his healing and strength. :)

My sister, Grace, has been here lending a hand in all the ways. The kids, clean up, meals, laundry, etc. She has been such a joy to have around, I have no idea how I will ever find a way to express my gratitude for all she is doing for our family.

And, finally, the gofundme has raised more than half of our goal! Lowell is still making phone calls to families who have gone through the organization we are pretty sure we are going to go through for the Diabetic Alert Dog. He is finding out about their experiences and asking all the important questions. I am hoping we will pull the trigger on something next week to get that going. I also got an appointment with an Endocrinologist so we will start the conversation about getting a Continuous Glucose Monitor soon! :)

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