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Checking in 

Happy lent! It’s kind of cool that lent begins on March 1st as its easy to mentally tally “all of March and about half of April” in terms of rooting out those one or two vices we can do without in our lives.

I saw the orthopedic doctor last Friday about my shoulders that dislocated while I seized. He ordered xrays that came back clear, but since my shoulders continue to pop out and my points of movement are basically elbows at waist and out, he ordered an MRI to rule out any soft tissue tearing. If there is no tearing, we can go about the appropriate therapy to restrengthen my shoulders, but if there is tearing, I will need surgery and then therapy to fix the problem. So, the MRI is later today and ortho follow up is tomorrow.

So, you guessed it, no chicken dances for this chick!

Then I have an appointment for an endocrinologist referral on Monday. We are going to get more information for a Continuous Glucose Monitor  (CGM). A CGM will be able to communicate with up to 5 devices, notifying them of high and low blood sugars. It will be useful while we are working for a DAD and great for when we have one because the DAD will be able to detect a high or low before the monitor in most cases, so by the time Lowell got notified, he could rest assured I have probably already started working on fixing the high or low.

And, the DAD. My sister-in-law,  Sammi, started a gofundme campaign for us and we’ve already received one third of our goal! I continue to be overwhelmed by the love and generosity of our family, friends, and folks we haven’t personally met. Just wow! you guys! We found a program to work with us, but we need to raise more funds in the next few weeks if we would like to get a dog by Christmas. Lowell has been working diligently to find government programs and charities that will help us with our cause as well.

And, finally, most importantly, I want to thank you! 

Please know each of you that has made a donation of prayer, financial help, and/or time in helping us with food, watching the kids, and cleaning my house. 

Thank you! 


2 thoughts on “Checking in 

  1. I read about what happened, and wow, so terrible, so sorry that you had to go thru that ! So glad to hear about you getting a CGM, it has been very helpful to us, and the accuracy is amazing. Daniel has even called me when he was out of town because his alarm was going off, I ran up and treated the low, it was not bad, but we could treat it in advance. We have a Dexcom and from what it sounds like, it sounds like what you are getting ! We will keep you in our prayers ! You have been in our thoughts and just hugs. Hope everything goes well in the next few days.

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