*Operation Get Healthy

The Plan

Greetings from my finger tips!

The orthopedic doctor lowered the hammer this morning.

Brief summary: Our shoulder joints are a ball that fit into a round casing. Inside the casing is ligaments and soft tissue.

When I was seizing and both arms were straight out in the air, I stretched the soft tissue and put a dent (small fracture) in the ball of my left arm. 

My right arm has torn soft tissue, the ball is fractured (picture a ball that has a portion of it shaved off), that has left bone fragments floating around inside the joint, and all of my ligaments have been stripped away. This explains why this arm is still “falling out” atleast a few times a day.

The plan of action is physical therapy on the left side 3 times a week, and surgery in the next week or so to fix the right.

I will then be in atleast a sling for a minimum of 4 weeks before we begin rehab and physical therapy on the right arm. I am looking at atleast 2 months after surgery before having actual use on that side.

In other news, I would like to send another thank you to everybody who is sharing the gofundme page on Facebook and instagram! We are getting closer by the day and would be nowhere near the goal without your help. Thank you!

Please continue to keep my family and me in your prayers. My mom was out to help for a few days and my mother in law is here for a few more days helping as well. And we’ve had so much help from friends who live close by not to mention all the meals folks from Church and guys Lowell works with have been bringing.

God bless you all!


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