*Operation Get Healthy

Thank you & Keep praying

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive in our gofundme mission that my sister-in-law started on my behalf. We are about half way to our goal; you guys rock!! 

I can never express my gratitude for the love and prayers we’ve received during this time of need. Not to mention the donations, large and small, from familiar faces and from total strangers [to me].

Please feel free to share our story on your page(s) via the link to my blog to ask your fellow prayer warriors for continued prayers. 

Due to my seizure, I have to have surgery on my right shoulder. But! I just found out yesterday that I can’t have surgery until the neurologist clears me with the orthopedic doctor. Hopefully that gets set in a positive direction today as I have my first visit with the neurologist this afternoon.

We have a long road ahead of us. Recovery is but a snippet of all the changes our family is undergoing and making to ensure we don’t have to ever revisit a situation like this again. 

God bless you all, thank you again, and we love you! 


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