*Operation Get Healthy


There’s been partial updates on Facebook but not here.

I am mending that now :)

The neurologist appointment went pretty well last week. She asked tons of questions about the seizure and everything leading up to it in the 24 hours before. It breaks my heart everytime I watch Lowell revisit the intimate details of that night as his face flushes and his eyes fill with, and sometimes spill!, tears.

She ordered up a 48 hour EEG to scan my brain and said if there was anything off in that she will order up an MRI for a deeper look. And, if it all comes back normal, she will clear me for surgery. 

I was nearly alien for 48 hours, but I made it through! We will see the doctor for results on the 28th. She is hopeful things will be fine, but since brain tumors run in my family, she decided it best to cover all our bases.

I have been doing physical therapy for a week now and oh-the-burn! My arms haven’t fallen out all the way, but my right arm has a bit and is still very sensitive. My left arm is responding beautifully to therapy, though, as I have more ease of movement now. So hopefully that side will continue to cooperate and I can get back to semi normal activity in the next month or so.

We saw a priest yesterday so Lowell could talk to him about his PTSD. It went very well, but Lowell can really use any extra Hail Mary’s you can spare. I am suffering physically, but his suffering emotionally is a far bigger issue, I think.

He has panic attacks when separated from me for too long. He still has nightmares. And, he has anxiety. 

He’s embracing this well, but he needs help through this trauma so he can get back to his routine. This will probably never fully go away, but to atleast help him come to grips a little better would help him tremendously. 

So, please join me in prayer for my guy and his healing and strength. :)

My sister, Grace, has been here lending a hand in all the ways. The kids, clean up, meals, laundry, etc. She has been such a joy to have around, I have no idea how I will ever find a way to express my gratitude for all she is doing for our family.

And, finally, the gofundme has raised more than half of our goal! Lowell is still making phone calls to families who have gone through the organization we are pretty sure we are going to go through for the Diabetic Alert Dog. He is finding out about their experiences and asking all the important questions. I am hoping we will pull the trigger on something next week to get that going. I also got an appointment with an Endocrinologist so we will start the conversation about getting a Continuous Glucose Monitor soon! :)

Does this scarf make me look Irish?

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