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The little things

You guys!

Faith’s and Felicity’s friend, Genevieve, was motivated to fundraise when she heard Lowell talking about ways to raise enough funds to get a Diabetic Alert Dog. 

She got with our girls and they got approval from our parish priest to do a bake sale after Masses yesterday.

They’d been secretly plotting a “project” over the week and got to working on it on Saturday. I knew they were doing something good, but had no idea it was me.

When I came out of Mass yesterday, Felicity handed me a little flyer and said, “We are raising money for someone we love.” The flyer had a picture of a service dog with a note about hosting a bake sale to raise funds for a dog for our family.

The whole parish got involved, and everybody wants to help us out.

The Knights of Columbus said they’re willing to do some things to raise money for us, there are more families who want to participate in another bake sale, and everybody is eager to do all they can for us.

Again, I am overwhelmed to tears by all this generosity and love! And, how sweet are the girls for coming up with that plan all on their own??

God bless you all. And, thank you. Be assured of my continued prayers for everyone who has helped us in anyway during this time. 


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