*Operation Get Healthy

Angels Among Us

We have been so blessed since my seizure. 

Family has flown and driven from out of state to be with us and help. Family, friends, and total strangers have donated so generously to our gofundme

But, what or who has my eyes shining with joy in particular today is all the love and support we have received from our friends the Gomez family.

Paula came with her oldest [at home] son, Jason, when I was taken by ambulence to the emergency room the night I seized to sit with Anastasia and the older sleeping kids. And that whole week, they graciously took on our kids so Lowell could focus his attention on me as we started this journey into the unknown of our new life of post-seizure-arms and Lowell’s PTSD.

They have taken and picked up the school kids, they have cleaned my house and taken care of our yard, they have brought us groceries, Genevieve coordinated the “secret bake sale” a few weeks ago, and they have made themselves available for whatever our needs may be come hell and high water.

And then, this morning, Paula showed up with pork and veggies to set us up a crockpot dinner to eat with rice, that she also made. She said she wanted us to be able to smell it cooking away throughout the day. And, while she was here, she tidied my kitchen, fed the kids lunch, changed the baby, and visited with me for a few hours before loading up the kids and taking them to peruse the Dollar Tree.

I mean… I just… it may seem not a big deal to some, but what they have brought to our family during this time will never be forgotten! 

I thank God for all our gifts and help, but I most especially thank Him for the Gomez’s and all they’ve selflessly done for us in giving of their help. But, not just their help, but also for Tom’s and Paula’s time talking to us and praying for us as we venture down this new path. It’s been stressful and emotional, but the support they continue to give is such a gift!

And, for the record, dinner smells uh. maze. ing.! 

Hug the angels in your life, friends. They are everywhere around us, some just jump out and grab ya more obviously than others. Sometimes when you least expect it and sometimes when you need it more than you realize.