*In a Nut Shell


Howdy doody! 

Life has been busy, but it’s been peaceful. Well, mostly peaceful.

Lowell has been working a lot both days and nights. Burning the candle at both ends does not come easy for him as it did when he was 19. Poor guy! But I love him even more for his dedication in doing whatever his job is 110% out of love for the kids and me. He wouldn’t do it otherwise, I am sure of it.

We celebrated our 11th anniversary a few weeks ago! We did an escape room that I found a Groupon for and i won a $50 gift card on Instagram, so we went to a fancy Mexican food restaurant in downtown Dallas for dinner. Oh how I love this man with all my heart, second only to God! <3 We’ve had an amazing journey so far, not all it good, but our relationship has never waivered like so many folks kindly warned us it would along the way. And for that, I am even more grateful for how much we’ve grown together and how much deeper my love is now. I love what we have become and am holding in tight as we see what the next year, and years forever to come, has in store for us!

Anastasia turned one last weekend. She still loves to be the baby I think. She is in no real hurry to walk, only sleeps best with us, and is still such a cuddly baby. She is signing some now, so that is super helpful in place of “use your words” like I am always telling her. HaHa! Although, she always informs me of how hungry she is. That girl never.stops.eating. her cheeks have filled out some, but she is still a petite little lady.

The kids will be out of school for summer on June 1st. I am so looking forward to summer break! They are all so excited too. We dont really have any summer plans, except for the local library reading program and the Barnes & Noble reading program. I also saved a few movies from the Dollar Movie list that Regal does every summer, so we might hit a few of those up, too!

I do have a prayer request. Please pray that our insurance company will approve our request for a Continuous Glucose Monitor. 

We have been working on this for almost 2 months now. They keep refusing it for everything from “no proof I am a T1D” to “your insurance is based out of a company that employs you from Cali so you need to take these 5 extra steps…” 

I have never been treated so badly in all my diabetic years. 

And we pay so much for this coverage that doesn’t want to cover my health or wellbeing. Lowell busts his ass and does not need to add this frustration to his plate. I feel so bad on a number of levels and try not to feel guilty… And our insurance is not helping with that at all!

So, please say a prayer that this current appeal we have submitted is finally accepted so we can actually move forward in a positive direction after this long period of limbo. And, as you close your prayer, thank the Lord for your good health! Insurance is only happy to cover everybody who doesn’t really need their coverage… or so it seems.


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