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Sucker Punched

After a long, productive weekend, I had to get up early this morning and take my two in-school kiddos to school.

Well, I took all the kids along for the drive because Lowell was already out the door for work.

Anyway! The whole way up to school I couldn’t help but think about homeschooling again. It is little luxuries like controlling your start to summer vacay that are pure bliss not found in school.

I’ve been sucker punched! And, I have to do this two more times this week… 

I am truly so grateful for the amazing education my kids are receiving and promise this is my only complaint: The last week of school is officially from the devil, especially running up post Memorial Day.


5 thoughts on “Sucker Punched

    1. I was just telling one of my friends earlier today that when I exusovely homeschooled, going back after taking Easter week was torture because there is only a TEEEENY bit left and Spring fever takes hold… but this experience is/was cruel and unusual punishment. One of the mom’s said that since we are a College Prep, maybe we should have a schedule like colleges do and be DONE before Memorial day LOL

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      1. You guys are out way earlier than us! No. 1 is done the 12th, no. 5 the 16, no. 2 the 19th, and nos. 3 and 4 the 23rd! But we don’t start again til the week of Labor Day — do you start earlier than that?

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        1. We start back on 8/21. I am not too bummed about that because it’ll be so hot they will all just be rolling around bored out of their minds anyway. As a homeschooler, I usually started after Labor day. Handing over our lives schedule for this is so new to me and is met with mostly love and a side of “ugh!” 😅

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