*In a Nut Shell

It’s finally summer!

We have arrived.

We have completed our first classical school year.

Here is Faith and George on his first day

And, because I am an old pro, I did not get a pic of them on their last day. ;)

On Tuesday evening, the school had an awards ceremony and each of the classes recited poems for us. It was such a wonderful evening!

Faith won the Fortitude Virtue award. Her teacher told her that she was so proud of Faith’s bravery and perseverance in never giving up. Faith smiled so big! She LOVES her teacher immensely and to get that recognition was monumental. 

And then tonight, the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders attended the school’s Second Annual Revolutionary Ball.

They’ve been learning dances like the Virginia Reel and other similar era dances since before Easter everyday for P.E. for this event.

Faith was super excited! She borrowed a dress from the Gomez’s and Lowell was her escort. 

*edited to add the picture above. Faith with her 4th grade home room teacher.

Now, I must quickly close here before my computer dies. 
Comment with your summer goals or adventurous plans, I might borrow an idea or two for my crowd!


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