*In a Nut Shell

Number 3

Chef Boyar-Gee[orge]

My boy made us eggplant parmesan last night. And he did a great job too! It was super tasty served up with butter noodles.

I am so proud of how much George has grown this year.

His confidence has blossomed and the young man he is such a blessing.

He excelled at school, only struggling with spelling a bit. He made loads of friends and gladly went all alone to a pool party for one of his buddy’s birthday yesterday. 

The same guy a year ago would have collapsed and cried. He is so brave now! 

He is ready, finally!, to prep for his First Holy Communion this summer. And, he is eager to spend more time perfecting his reading and spelling before school starts again.

He is still rowdy and rambunctious, loud and goofy, considerate and kind, and still collapses and whines about things every so often. However, I would say over all, he has come leaps and bounds and has all the potential to be a great leader someday.

I love you, Georgie!


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