*In a Nut Shell

El Pollo Loco

I am crazy about chickens. 

Like… I love chickens.

Everything about them. Their adorable tininess as chicks, their goofy walk, their eating up our scraps, eggs, their clucking, the way they run and scurry across the yard to peck at a bug that one of them finds.


For Mothers Day, I got 4 chicks and a small coop to house them in. The coop is going to get renovated because it just isn’t going to be big enough for 4 full grown hens. But! We have chickens again!! 

*happy dance*

Yesterday morning, bright and early, my chickens were all lined up and staring in the windows. I laughed and imagined they came to tap the window and wish me good morning. “Bock, bock, hellloooooo!” Then, Last night, I noticed that they didn’t put themselves to bed at dusk like they usually do and I could not figure out why.

About an hour after dark, they were still hanging out just outside the back doors, pecking at the glass occasionally. So I opened the door to go see if maybe the coop door got closed so they decided to sleep with Daisy (our dog), and realized it was still pretty warm outside.

It hit me. The doors don’t seal shut very well, so they decided to sleep where they could feel the a/c slipping through the cracks!

Tonight, it has happened again. So I decided, after the added trick of trying to fly in, to see what would happen if I opened the door to them…

They were so excited to come in, but we’re only left to their own devices for about 5 minutes before I gave them the boot!

Who needs a dog?? 


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