*In a Nut Shell


… from inside my happy home. 

That I have [not] been feeling trapped in. 

With relentless squabbling children.

I can’t tell you how many times our days has stopped in the middle of everything to say a rosary. The kids are catching on a bit, so I think are actually trying to be better in order to not have to say two, or more, rosaries in one whole day.

This is my first summer, I think?, that I am noticing how many little people I live with. I still love them all with my whole heart and self and am so proud of the young aspiring individuals they each are.


Sometimes. Not always. Sometimes, I walk down the hall and glance in a bedroom as I pass it by and find things like


in the middle of the floor. Amidst yesterdays Church shoes, last night’s jammies, and whatever else. You know? Because it makes the most sense to grab a bag of salad and drop it off on the bedroom floor. No biggie.

On a serious note, though, things really have been going pretty well so far this summer. 

I’ve only had to ask a handful of random questions like:

  • Why are the chickens in the highchair?
  • Who painted the dog?
  • Why is there a tree branch in that shoe?
  • Who used melted crayon on my van?
  • Why must we fight over who sits in what barstool?
  • Why is there salad on the bedroom floor?

They’ve been busy with lots of swimming and sleepovers, we are doing swim lessons again this year, yes! We’ve also been doing lots of things at our parish, like monthly rosary processions for Our Lady of Fatima similar to what they’re doing each month in Portugal.   

Summer school starts next week, so we will sorta be on “fun hold” for the month of July, but the kids are all in various reading programs; I imagine they’ll rack up some more hours and titles to earn more books and prizes during our “fun hold”. Faith is almost done with The Hobbit, afterwards she will dive into Heidi. Once summer school is over, we will hit it hard again for most of August before school begins.

How’s your summer? I hope you can compete on the same level as my found salad!


4 thoughts on “Greetings

  1. Yesterday was our first official day of summer — the last two boys finished up school on Friday — and though I’ve been excited for summer to start, I am exhausted from just yesterday! There’s definitely an adjustment period. I don’t have any salad-like stories, but I will say I’m not sure our house will stay standing long with all these getting-so-big boys in it — they slam doors and cabinets, knock over lamps, set dishes down on the table so hard they chip — they don’t know their own strength!

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    1. That does sound intense! My adjustment period was rough, but this routine is tolerable, for now. I make my kids re-shut/place slammed doors and plates. I actually made Phillip kiss a spoon he tossed carelessly 😂 it’s probably overboard, but seriously people! Maybe if you make them run or bike around the block a few times everyday it’ll help them simmer down a bit? Best of luck with your big boys summer! You are going to be a saint and your boys are so handsome 😍

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha thanks!! I do have them doing a lot of physical stuff, but I’ve not yet found anything that really wears them out. Not even swimming! The worst is the oldest — he was emptying the dishwasher last night and “placed” the bowl on the counter and it broke! He’s so strong! I love that you had P kiss a spoon, that’s hilarious!

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