*In a Nut Shell

Number Six

Has been the most different of all my babies.

Even though she looks identical to Karolina, she is a living and breathing version of her own self.

Who is who?

At nearly 14 mos, she refuses to take any more than 5 consecutive steps. But she is a speed crawler and does her best to not miss out on any of the bigger kids’ action packed days. She was reluctant to begin crawling, though. However, when she gave in and went for it, she was such a happier person to live with!

Anastasia loves being the baby still. With every beat in her little heart. And, as frustrating it can be at times, I am loving her willingness to still be the baby. 

Last night, we let the kids stay up later than usual to watch Moana for the tenth time. Anastasia crawled around, being a cute little terror, but brought us her blanket and parked herself where she is the happiest, no matter what. (I think mostly because she loves her Daddy the mostest though:).


5 thoughts on “Number Six

    1. Isn’t that funny?? I wonder if God has designs in doing that? Or, maybe all the kids were the same, but we are (I am) in a different spot in motherhood that I appreciate and willing to accept it more. Perhaps because I have experienced first hand how fast they really do grow!

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