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A little love shared from Lowell

On Sunday night, George asked to come to work with Uncle Cy and me. I said no. 

Monday morning, I woke him up because I felt bad he couldn’t come so I told him to get ready. He jumped out of bed and was all eager and ready in a minute. 

We got to one of the houses I am currently contracted to do in my new business Blue Pelican Construction, and he got to work right away moving a huge stack of bulk trash that he took away by himself with the exception of a few heavy items. 

Then I gave him a bucket of paint and a finger roller, showed him the ropes, really stressing nothing white could be touched, and he painted two bedrooms by himself while Cy and I painted the common areas of the house. With almost nothing to be noted on the white trim! We had to go over them afterward of course but he did a pretty remarkable job!

The whole day, he was always asking what more he could do. It took way longer for us to paint than what I originally anticipated. So what I thought would be an easy, regular day turned into a 12 hour day. Inthe end, he kept his chin up and he kept asking for more work to do. 

Jeremy (the guy who is the home owner that contracted me) was super impressed and so was I! He did everything with such a great attitude. He did ask to eat and he eventually started to ask what time it was as we got to the end of the day and closer to quittin’ time, but when I said we had to get things wrapped up because the floor crew was coming first thing in the morning, he was ready to make it happen woth us and even went so far as to point out all the other things that needes to get done in parallel with the floor. Like getting the doors ready to be hung.

I offered to take him anywhere he wanted for dinner and expressed my admiration and gratitude for so much work from a 7 year old. He wanted to go to Taco Bell, but I talked him into something a little nicer in Panda Express. 

It is a humble experience to be his father. I was moved nearly to tears as we drove home that night and I recalled the day. I have never felt so proud and honored to be a father as I did after a day like that day, working side by side with my ready and willing, first born son.

Hat and Sunglasses just like Dad


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