*In a Nut Shell

Summer Vacation, day 28

We have come leaps and bounds since my last summer post.

I mean, the kids’ never ending squabbles and ongoing battles are still the bane of my existence, but! We have been keeping busy, so therefore have had less time for squabbles and having decent amounts of pause in the ongoing battles.

We are half way through summer school and have developed a pretty nice routine that includes walks along paths that have lead us in great adventures to parks and duck ponds filled with fish and turtles, and to name a few. 

One of the mom’s told me about this awesome park built from wood and resembles a castle. The kids have such a blast at this park! And, we also go to what we call “Airplane Park” where we munch on snacks or lunch while watching planes come and go. The kids like to bring a football to toss or a soccer ball to kick around. 

We’ve been spending a lot of time at the library as well. I always forget what a treasure libraries are! There is something for everybody and we’ve been pretty lucky to hang out when it’s been relatively quiet, so I don’t have to helicopter over everybody so much if we get spread out.

Reading has nearly saved my sanity. Felicity has read 6 books, and is currently working on Prince Caspian. Faith finished The Hobbit and has been reading mystery books as we wait for Heidi to get here in the mail. George and I are reading Pinocchio and working on First Holy Communion prep. We block out at least 30 minutes for this each day. Not always successfully, but reading gets plugged in everyday for some amount of time.

The single greatest gift to ourselves, mostly my sanity, has been a pool though. I plotted, pinched, and saved, and finally got to make it happen!

We have gotten so many hours out of this good ol’ boy already and would suffice it to say it was worth all the plotting, pinching, and saving.

Not pictured is Anastasia who is quite the little fish, completely enamored by the water and strangely loves it with all her little self a hundred times more than she loves the bath! :)

**below is from when we celebrated free slurpees day from 7-11, on 7-11, which was day 27 of summer**