*In a Nut Shell

Some more random

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted about the strange goings on randomly at my house?

Well, I would like to add to that commentary!

My kids have been so slow today. Every task takes an hour. Or more. 

Felicity was in charge of loading the dishwasher after lunch but every time I went in for something, she was never there!

Dishwasher gaping open. Sink and counter full of dishes waiting to be rinsed and placed into said dishwasher, but no dish washer in sight.

She kept coming back from the bathroom ranting about wanting to pull a loose tooth in response to every time I had to repeat the same question: “Felicity, where are you??”.

I must’ve told her 8 times she could wiggle it with her tongue while she loaded and then try to yank it afterwards.

It has been about 4 hours since that took place. I just happened by our front bathroom and peered in to make sure Anastasia wasn’t in there unrolling the t.p. again only to discover

Felicity wasn’t kidding when she said she wanted that tooth out!!!! 

There was actually more bloody paper towel, but I chose to dispose of those before snapping.

I asked to the air, “Who was operating in the bathroom?!” And Felicity replied, “I was trying to pull my tooth like Dr. Baker did to Laura on Little House, but it’s still not wiggly enough.”

So, we will just leave blood and guts all over the community bathroom until surgery can resume???? 

We won’t begin to discuss the unsanitary tools that were being used…

Kids, man! 😂


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