*In a Nut Shell

Final Countdown

You know you’ve reached the end of pregnancy when…

You want to do all the projects.

You can only do so much on all the projects because you’re 64758590134 months pregnant. Or, as I more plainly put it, I still have an eternity to go. Possibly two!

You have a complete melt down because you know you are capable of handling all the projects, but being 64758590134 months pregnant suddenly leaves you incapable to, let’s say, start the lawn mower.

(Yes folks, inabilities to start lawn mowers is infact a real tear jerker!)

You still have all the projects waiting to be completed at the end of most days because you are still 64758590134 months pregnant.

You’re a stubborn cuss. Determined to just make stuff happen like you weren’t 64758590134 months pregnant with two eternities to go.

And, you lose all patience with people. And, you’re ravenous but sick of food because you’ve been on such a simple diet for 64758590134 months. And, you toss and turn all night as your hips grind and slide in n’ out.

And, and, and…. Really?

It’s all just petty complaints in a reality of the most beautiful thing. Have you ever heard the saying that says “women are the most like God in their life giving abilities”? Isn’t that awesome?

So, yes I have been pregnant for the same amount of hours, days, weeks, months alot of women are. And, yes, I experience similar discomforts and agitations and breakdowns. But, I know as soon as I am holding this precious gift, all of my whining will be a vague memory.

Today, I had my second to the last high risk doctor appointment. All the staff, the doctor, and the midwife congratulated me on a job well done on a 7th Type 1 Diabetic pregnancy with zero complications and maintaining an excellent A1c (average glucose readings). It didn’t come so easy for me this time, diabetes-wise, but I pulled through just the same, no worse for the wear, and get to meet this little-big human one week from today.

Please keep the baby and me in your prayers as we prepare for another C-section. And, please pray for the doctor and hospital staff that they have a steady hand and all goes as smooth as possible.

And, if/when you’re 64785890134 months pregnant, remember you will soon forget how many months it took, and that it most likely takes as long as it does because you need to be damn determined to push that bundle of joy into this world!

And, for heaven’s sake, don’t try to start a lawn mower unless all your other “let it go” attempts at a good cry have failed you. ;)

Edited to add:ย Please also remember my friends, Anna, Terese, and Theresa in your prayers. As I make light about being tired and grumpy, these ladies have all lost their babies in the past few weeks. What a tragedy to only hold your tiny child for a few hours, or few days, but what a blessing for that opportunity to kiss a tiny saint. How their arms and hearts must ache.

Jesus be their comfort. Amen. St. Jack, pray for us. St. Monica Jane, pray for us. St. Baby Burud, pray for us.

*Precious Moments, Snap!

Precious Moments {take 5}

I found some picture goodies in my camera roll. There is no rhyme or reason to the following, but I hope you enjoy!

Karolina looks SO much like her Auntie Jane. This was taken at the school’s Christmas concert that Faith performed at. Miss K is always making a silly face!
Still can’t believe Faith is 11 now!
Karolina & Anastasia have really become good buddies these past few months. I often find them in random situations having the time of their life. Daisy is never too far behind as she has discovered that Anastasia is famous treat-leaver-behinder ;)
My handsome husband and me at the Texas State Monument (that is bigger than the monument in D.C.) He drove me to see it during our trip to Houston for a wedding. We need to do more of these things โค

Anastasia loved all the puppies! We got a home for all 4 girls – hooray!
After nearly a week of rain, we got a sunny sunset. One of those occasions that civilization gets in the way, but it’s still beautiful! <3
When you’re like 18 mos pregnant and waiting for your 4 yr old to go potty at the library, you put an almost 2 yr old on your hip and *snap!*
Apparently, we have edible flowers growing in the front yard so these girls were crawling around collecting some up! Haha
*In a Nut Shell

Presidents Day

Keeping it short and sweet, here is a shot of what happens over a three day weekend that is cloudy yet warm…

Pallet forts, puppy mazes and obstacle courses, and scaling fences (much to the delight of the neighbor’s dog!).

I have pork in the crock pot to have carnitas burrito bowls for dinner. It smells heavenly!

I’ve been doing alot of nesting even though I technically have 8 weeks of this pregnancy left. I look full term and the baby is weighing well into the 5lbs range. My numbers are still in pretty good range, blood sugar wise and amniotic fluid wise. Although I am taking the most insulin I have ever taken in pregnancy, and at any moment my body can decide to quit cooperating in the amniotic fluid filtering department. I meet with both doctors this week, so maybe we can start laying some ground work about what, when, and how this is going to actually unfold.

All of that brings to mind my recent chatter about my new blog. I have started a few posts, but I haven’t begun the development of the actual blog to put the posts on! It would seem like this is something so easy to do, but I am not rushing it, or forgetting it. I just want to do it all right, laying the ground work in such a way that I will stay consistent in posts and getting guest posts as well.

Anywho, I promise to share an update later this week if anything amazing or mind blowing pops up at my appointments.

P.S. I want to thank you all for your love and prayers. Today is Presidents Day, tomorrow is the 20th. It was on Presidents Day, Feb 20, last year (2017) that I suffered my seizure. God has blessed me abundantly with continued good health since then, despite the insurance obstacles we continue to face. His grace is always sufficient and I am still here. Alive and well, still receiving my needed meds and medical equipment.

*Precious Moments, Snap!


The kids are all passing at school! We got their report cards/First Semester reports and I am so proud to report we have all A’s and B’s.

Anastasia got herself ready for Mass yesterday. Don’t be jealous!


Karolina snuck a few pictures of Anastasia giving me hugs at bed time after taking real pictures of me making faces at her :)



A most recent set of pictures from my most recent visit to the perinatologist. The not so little baby is in the 90th perce tile over all, it’s abdomen is off the charts huge lol, and is weighing in at 4 lbs 5 oz, as of last week! Doctor said she is going to try to push me out to 39 weeks. I died a little bit inside thinking ahead to the misery of carrying humongous babies… I haven’ carried to 39 weeks since I was pregnant with Felicity! But, she did say it isn’ unheard of to attempt a VBA2C, even for “people like me”, so I am going to talk to my delivery doctor about that today!

Aren’t these images amazing?!

Update: he basically told me no on that VBAC. Oh well. At least I tried! He says I am measuring 36 weeks. (For the record, I am basically 31 weeks.) Here is a picture from when I was 29 weeks, feel free to fast forward if you’e an InstaFollower.


That’s a wrap! And an explosive stomach… the kids were talking again about how big I am, reminding me I will be getting bigger and how lucky some mom’s must be because their tummies are usually this big when their baby comes out.

It’s almost like they can read my mind! I never talk negatively about my expanding body, but they are very observant to how I carry so differently than most other women. I have a 4+ finger spaced Diastasis Recti, so that doesn’ help keep things “tight”. I wish I could go tell younger me about the importance of proper ab and pelvic floor exercises, especially after birth of toddlers. ;) If you are child bearing age, make sure you’re exercising the right way!

Okay, okay; That’s a wrap!