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It is officially fall. My most favorite season! I think living on the east coast sealed the deal for me. The beauty, the colors, the crisp air… I would go back every year during this time to relive it! I look forward to enjoying all things fall decor each year, even though it hasn’t felt autumn when it actually becomes autumn since I lived on the east coast. It is still so calming and colorful and wonderful to see and smell all the things fall out and around. So, this year I went all out and just hung up my fall wreath. HaHa! There just isn’t enough spaces to share with knick knacks without having to move them 5 times a day because life.

The kids are doing well in school and love it all except getting up super early to get ready and leave ;). George is still struggling with his spelling so it makes for lower marks. His teacher let’s him make up alot of his work, but it isn’t worth a whole grade, so we have stepped up our reading and writing at home to improve and cement the knowledge that seems trapped in his head. He is thrilled about it [not]!!!!! And, Felicity is having a tough time bouncing between multiplication and fractions because she hasn’t done a good job of memorizing her facts, but that too has been improving the past week or so. Phillip is the only student in his Kindergarten class who has maintained good behavior and loves to boast about it each day when I pick him up! He has learned so much just a few weeks in; I am so proud of him. Faith is doing leaps about bounds better with homework and assignments than she was doing last year. She has settled into a nice little routine and is coming along quite nicely.

Karolina and Anastasia are loving being mistresses of the house during the day. Their friendship has really blossomed now that they only have each other. Karolina says she and Anastasia are best buddies! They play all sorts of make believe games, chase the chickens around, and take Daisy for walks around the yard.

I get lots done most days. When we get back from dropping the school kids off, I usually will have another cup of coffee and do some computer work for my business or Lowell’s, and then jump into a chore or twelve. The most difficult thing for me to accomplish is a shower. I can mow the lawn, fold all the laundry, scrub bathrooms and clean the kitchen, and vacuum the house with barely a peep of want or need from the little girls. But, the minute I decide it is time to cleanse my grimy self, Heaven help us all! I was trying to remember how I did it when I only had Faith and Felicity, and it came to me: they took naps. Karolina naps occasionally, and Anastasia has always been a poor napper. I am not even bothered by their random desire of neediness; what bothers me is their insistence on their presence in the bathroom with me. Oh well. Just another day in the life! They say I will miss these days… Now, I am sure I will not miss these wanting-to-shower-alone days, but I will hold on to making the most of it while keeping a smile on my face!

Lowell has gone into business for himself (Have I talked about this yet? Forgive my mom brain if I have!) and his work load just keeps piling up. It is such a blessing, but he needs some help. If you know any honest workers looking for some hard work, send them our way please! ;) I am a consultant for utility company called Ambit. We sell gas and electricity, and solar in some places, in all the deregulated states of America, all of Japan, and in Canada too. You have your same provider, just your bill will come from Ambit. *Sales Pitch to Follow Below*

If you’re on the market for a new utility contract, or even live in a state that doesn’t require a contract (for example Northern California has contract free gas service from Ambit) and would like to help a sister out by simply paying your bill each month on a utility you already use, Go Here and see if our rates are worth the switch.

I still haven’t picked up a book that I talked about a post or two ago, but I have been watching John Adams on Amazon on the random evening I have a few minutes, a football game isn’t on, and I don’t have to be up at 5:50 to push the kids out the door for school. Needless to say, I am on episode 5 and I have been watching for over a month! ;) Tom Hanks did it as an HBO series along the same real-life lines that he did Band of Brothers. I recently watched a girlie movie based on a Louisa May Alcott book called The Inheritance and Lowell and I watched the new Ben-Hur movie last weekend. I know we are mostly way behind the times, but we don’t watch regular TV or go to the/rent movies, so we never know whats “out there” until it shows up on Prime. (Or my mom and sisters text about what they’ve seen or want to see!)

Random side note to close: This week is school picture week! I am so excited to see how they turned out. I will share anything silly that turns up when I get them in!

*In a Nut Shell


We were on a slow trek home from school this afternoon. Our area of Texas has not been affected by Hurrican Harvey at all, until now.

With it being a long weekend, in addition to many of the plants and oil refineries having to shut down due flooding etc, gas stations are literally running out of gas. They are projecting we should have fuel again by middle of next week, but we needed to stock up because we drive gas guzzlers and school and work is far away.

Anyway, we were sitting in our second line at our 5th gas station stop and we were talking about Harvey and why we needed gas hence the lines all over town(s). That chat led to my telling the kids that there was reported shark swimming down the flooded streets of Houston.

Then this happened:

*Kids chatting about how cool it would be to have a fish bowl with fish* 

Felicity: A tank would be better [than a bowl] because then we can have MORE fish! 

George: I am pretty sure you can only get fish tanks nowadays anyway because I never saw a real fish bowl except on a movie. 

Me: there is still such a thing as fish bowls. We had a fish bowl when I was a kid with little gold fish in it. 

Faith: well yeah, Mom, that’s because you were a kid in the 1900’s

Yes, I laughed too. My old self just couldn’t resist that whipper snappers humour ;)

*In a Nut Shell

Final Week of Summer


How in the world we went from finding our summer groove to the final week of summer in half a blink blows my mind.

We are all set for school. Backpacks, uniforms, school supplies, shoes and socks, and stuff for lunches is mostly in place. 

This week we are having one last sleep over with the cousins and we have orientation and teacher meet & greet. I also need to make sure the girls finish writing their reports for their summer reading and we need to wrap up our out loud reading of Pinocchio for George’s summer reading.

I am going on a silent retreat on Saturday. I am excited about it as I have never been on a retreat. I am praying that it’ll be super great and grounding as we embark on this chapter of changes in our life. Having only 2 littles at home is going to be really productive or really not. Haha!

Lowell’s business has really taken off! I am so proud of him. :) He works alot of hours, but has a smile on his face when he gets home. It is so refreshing! We still encounter alot of folks who just can’t understand why Lowell works so hard. It really is a two part answer: 1) he loves to work, and 2) we have bills to pay. Unfortunately, 99% of those bills are diabetes related. I continue to be so grateful to God for my health and the medicine to keep me alive, but I also feel so bad that, even with health insurance, it is such a financial strain. It is a a beautiful gash in our cross. In Lowell’s cross. God bless you, sweetheart, and thank you for your dedication to me. To us.

Anywho, back to the ends of summer! I will close with some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

                             Skate Night

Walking with a skate-walker
Karolina taking on the rink like a champ!
George with his buddy, Daniel

                   Hanging with Uncle Cy

Cy stayed with us a bit this summer and promised the kids pool time before he headed home
Checking out the monster truck near school
Brothers doing what brothers do best: wrestling all the times on all the days
Anastasia climbing the slide in our backyard. We breed rule breakers. Other park moms don’t like me – LOL
Visits from some Cali family. All of our kids with Miss Imelda before she flew out with her parents after a quick visit

Lowell’s Aunt Theresa made our kids book pillows so they can slip a book into the pocket and find a quiet corner to get comfy and read. These kids LOVE them! What a brilliant idea, yes? You can check out all her amazing stuff Here and Here.

Book Pillows
Baby wouldn’t fit into collage ;)
*In a Nut Shell

Some more random

Remember a few weeks ago when I posted about the strange goings on randomly at my house?

Well, I would like to add to that commentary!

My kids have been so slow today. Every task takes an hour. Or more. 

Felicity was in charge of loading the dishwasher after lunch but every time I went in for something, she was never there!

Dishwasher gaping open. Sink and counter full of dishes waiting to be rinsed and placed into said dishwasher, but no dish washer in sight.

She kept coming back from the bathroom ranting about wanting to pull a loose tooth in response to every time I had to repeat the same question: “Felicity, where are you??”.

I must’ve told her 8 times she could wiggle it with her tongue while she loaded and then try to yank it afterwards.

It has been about 4 hours since that took place. I just happened by our front bathroom and peered in to make sure Anastasia wasn’t in there unrolling the t.p. again only to discover

Felicity wasn’t kidding when she said she wanted that tooth out!!!! 

There was actually more bloody paper towel, but I chose to dispose of those before snapping.

I asked to the air, “Who was operating in the bathroom?!” And Felicity replied, “I was trying to pull my tooth like Dr. Baker did to Laura on Little House, but it’s still not wiggly enough.”

So, we will just leave blood and guts all over the community bathroom until surgery can resume???? 

We won’t begin to discuss the unsanitary tools that were being used…

Kids, man! 😂