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This and That

Here we are in August!

Per the usual I have no idea where the days disappear to so quickly. 

-We did our reading round up and wrapped up the summer reading program at our local library. 

– We are all done with summer school and are back to our usual summer vibes and adventures. Kids are thrilled!

-Last week, out of nowhere I got sick. I woke up Thursday morning unable to speak or swallow. I went to the doctor and they said there was nothing wrong with me and that I should just ride it out. I spent all of Thursday and Friday in the most excruciating pain, still unable to talk or swallow. On Saturday morning, my tonsils were white and oozing puss. Finally got a diagnosis of strep, got a shot, and got 2 prescriptions. Doctor said it was a bad case. I have been able to keep the kids well with Vitamin C, probiotics, oils, ACV, and some colloidal silver that my wonderful friend brought by for us. If we make it to Friday with no sickness, we will be in the clear – yay!

– A few weeks ago, we spent an afternoon at Lowell’s sister’s house mowing and chopping humongous trees and doing a bit of housework. Somehow, somewhere during that time, Lowell got into poison oak and broke out in a horrendous rash and is still slowly recovering. He got a brown recluse spider bite a few days before that, too! Poor guy. 

-Speaking of Lowell, he is in business for himself now! He is so busy and so happy since this transition started back in May. He has been blessed with amazing men to work with and partner up with, and is getting so many jobs! His company is called Blue Pelican Construction, blue for Our Lady and the Pelican is a symbol of the Eucharist as a pelican will tear at it’s own flesh to feed it’s young if food can’t be found. I have been spending alot of time developing the website, so please be patient as you click around.

-A random bit, but our local radio stations have been playing a commercial with this catchy tune that makes my kids giggle every time it comes on. Speakers up! You’re welcome!

-I have inhaled a few books in the last 3 weeks. I read The Living Wood by Louis de Wohl, The Awakening of Miss Prim by Natalie Sanmartin Fenollera, and Room by Emma Donoghue. I have 4 more on my immediate next read. Anna Karenina, The Light Between Oceans, Arms of Love, and Respectable Sins. I have a handful of others that have been waiting for me on my shelf. Once I read those, I have a few titles I’ve screen shot from InstaFriends that I will probably borrow from the library.

-It is raining today. A nice, long, steady rain. I’ve been jonesing for a good rain! Thank You, Jesus! It’s a nice reprieve and great excuse to just relax. Especially after yesterday! Yesterday, I went through my kids’ rooms and got rid of a diaper box & 4 trash bags of trash/broken toys, and 2 giveaway bags of clothes & shoes. I knocked it out in 4 hours, and my whole house suffered for it, but it is quite refreshing. Everybody fended for themselves for dinner, I picked up the random chaos, then the kids went for a swim while I sipped wine.

-I recently started watching Poldark on Amazon Prime. I am so in love! And, i have tapped into my brother’s Vudu account and have been enjoying movies on there with my kids. When I finish Poldark, I am going to watch The Hobbit trilogy. Because, the Hobbit is my fav and I still haven’t seen them All!

-Have you heard of PopSockets? If you have, I congratulate your hipster status! I had never heard of them until yesterday when my friend posted on Instagram about my goddaughter getting her one. I had to go and Google it. Thanks for helping me not feel too old, Google!

I hope all of your This’es and That’s of late have been as random as mine! ;) It is all too wonderful to be reminded of not being alone in this adventure we call life with a large family.

*In a Nut Shell

Summer Vacation, day 28

We have come leaps and bounds since my last summer post.

I mean, the kids’ never ending squabbles and ongoing battles are still the bane of my existence, but! We have been keeping busy, so therefore have had less time for squabbles and having decent amounts of pause in the ongoing battles.

We are half way through summer school and have developed a pretty nice routine that includes walks along paths that have lead us in great adventures to parks and duck ponds filled with fish and turtles, and to name a few. 

One of the mom’s told me about this awesome park built from wood and resembles a castle. The kids have such a blast at this park! And, we also go to what we call “Airplane Park” where we munch on snacks or lunch while watching planes come and go. The kids like to bring a football to toss or a soccer ball to kick around. 

We’ve been spending a lot of time at the library as well. I always forget what a treasure libraries are! There is something for everybody and we’ve been pretty lucky to hang out when it’s been relatively quiet, so I don’t have to helicopter over everybody so much if we get spread out.

Reading has nearly saved my sanity. Felicity has read 6 books, and is currently working on Prince Caspian. Faith finished The Hobbit and has been reading mystery books as we wait for Heidi to get here in the mail. George and I are reading Pinocchio and working on First Holy Communion prep. We block out at least 30 minutes for this each day. Not always successfully, but reading gets plugged in everyday for some amount of time.

The single greatest gift to ourselves, mostly my sanity, has been a pool though. I plotted, pinched, and saved, and finally got to make it happen!

We have gotten so many hours out of this good ol’ boy already and would suffice it to say it was worth all the plotting, pinching, and saving.

Not pictured is Anastasia who is quite the little fish, completely enamored by the water and strangely loves it with all her little self a hundred times more than she loves the bath! :)

**below is from when we celebrated free slurpees day from 7-11, on 7-11, which was day 27 of summer**

*In a Nut Shell

A little love shared from Lowell

On Sunday night, George asked to come to work with Uncle Cy and me. I said no. 

Monday morning, I woke him up because I felt bad he couldn’t come so I told him to get ready. He jumped out of bed and was all eager and ready in a minute. 

We got to one of the houses I am currently contracted to do in my new business Blue Pelican Construction, and he got to work right away moving a huge stack of bulk trash that he took away by himself with the exception of a few heavy items. 

Then I gave him a bucket of paint and a finger roller, showed him the ropes, really stressing nothing white could be touched, and he painted two bedrooms by himself while Cy and I painted the common areas of the house. With almost nothing to be noted on the white trim! We had to go over them afterward of course but he did a pretty remarkable job!

The whole day, he was always asking what more he could do. It took way longer for us to paint than what I originally anticipated. So what I thought would be an easy, regular day turned into a 12 hour day. Inthe end, he kept his chin up and he kept asking for more work to do. 

Jeremy (the guy who is the home owner that contracted me) was super impressed and so was I! He did everything with such a great attitude. He did ask to eat and he eventually started to ask what time it was as we got to the end of the day and closer to quittin’ time, but when I said we had to get things wrapped up because the floor crew was coming first thing in the morning, he was ready to make it happen woth us and even went so far as to point out all the other things that needes to get done in parallel with the floor. Like getting the doors ready to be hung.

I offered to take him anywhere he wanted for dinner and expressed my admiration and gratitude for so much work from a 7 year old. He wanted to go to Taco Bell, but I talked him into something a little nicer in Panda Express. 

It is a humble experience to be his father. I was moved nearly to tears as we drove home that night and I recalled the day. I have never felt so proud and honored to be a father as I did after a day like that day, working side by side with my ready and willing, first born son.

Hat and Sunglasses just like Dad

*In a Nut Shell

Number Six

Has been the most different of all my babies.

Even though she looks identical to Karolina, she is a living and breathing version of her own self.

Who is who?

At nearly 14 mos, she refuses to take any more than 5 consecutive steps. But she is a speed crawler and does her best to not miss out on any of the bigger kids’ action packed days. She was reluctant to begin crawling, though. However, when she gave in and went for it, she was such a happier person to live with!

Anastasia loves being the baby still. With every beat in her little heart. And, as frustrating it can be at times, I am loving her willingness to still be the baby. 

Last night, we let the kids stay up later than usual to watch Moana for the tenth time. Anastasia crawled around, being a cute little terror, but brought us her blanket and parked herself where she is the happiest, no matter what. (I think mostly because she loves her Daddy the mostest though:).