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Welcome!! …

… to the world … and NICU, Boyd Joseph!

We welcomed Boyed last week via C-section. His first 24 hours went off without a hitch, but when the nurse came for a 24hr newborn check up, a lot of flags were raised.

His breathing was labored, his oxygen levels were quite low, and his heart was working pretty hard. After a few hours of close monitoring and a blood test, it was determined he needed to be admitted to NICU for further observation and oxygen.

Boyd was showing signs of infection so he got an IV to start antibiotics. We got the results of his culture the next day (Easter Sunday) showing elevated white blood cells, so they kept him on antibiotics and watched his cultures to see if there was further development of infection. Thankfully, after 72 hours, there was no further development so he was able to come off the iv and antibiotics.

Meanwhile, he also had an anomaly in his chest. They did and Echo and it came back with a slightly large heart but nothing too serious a concern in relation to a diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension which means he had high blood pressure in his lungs. This is not uncommon in newborns but it is serious enough he needed to be in the NICU. He stayed on oxygen through his nose to help his lungs get used to breathing air.

Due to the oxygen tube in his nose and his elevated breathing rate he has a tiny feeding tube in his nose as well that allowed breast milk or formula to be injected to his stomach because they didn’t want to risk his choking when swallowing milk.

I was able to hold him in the NICU and pumped to get him my breast milk while he was being supplemented with donor breast milk. The nurses in Mother Baby and the NICU nurses have been angels every step of the way!

He still hadn’t lost his initial birth weight as of Easter morning. His chest x-ray showed some haziness in his lungs. So they gave Boyd a special diuretic that helped him pass those extra fluids he hadn’t passed like newborns typically do.
I began asking for special graces for a faster and smooth resolution to all this. I also was seeking the intercession of sweet Monica Jane. She died recently when she was just a few days old due to Trisomy 18. My request has been that as soon as this passes it will be the end as I am ready to turn the page on this first chapter of my sweet baby’s life.

Father, let Your will be done, and not mine. I trust I can handle what You lead me to because if You’ve brought me to it, You’ll get me through it. Help me to be open to the graces You provide to remain strong in this. Amen.

On Monday, my boy was given a clean bill of heart health, so the doctor wanted to take a closer look at his lungs. His lower right lung had showed some shading, so he was given another x-ray to get a closer look at it to determine whether it might be pnemonia or not. How he got it is random, but it might be getting in the way of his lungs plumping up since birth. Buy, his lungs not plumping up is not unusual for baby boys born his age, either.

We were so relieved to rule out HHPN and a clean bill of health for his heart.

I was discharged Monday night and will admit walking out those doors without my baby is one of the hardest things God has ever asked me to do. They say no laughing or coughing after a cesarean, nobody ever warns about what happens when you so afterwards.

I leaned on His strength spiritually via prayer and His strength physically via Lowell! I was/am so thankful for the technology and knowledge to help and treat babies in this condition so I am even able to look forward to his coming home soon. But, my logical brain and my hormonal brain who just wants baby home just haven’t reasoned well with each other during this time! ;)

Wednesday, the doctor told me Boyd turned a corner. His heart and lungs are 100% and it’s basically up to him at that point how swiftly he takes to breathing air at our level without an extra oxygen boost. Could be a few days or weeks 🤷. The only thing really different had been that I had been giving him oils at each visit. I applied lavender and frankincense to his chest, and those with a tiny bit of peppermint massaged into his feet.

On Thursday morning, I was able to feed him by bottle and then he was given the rest of his meal via his little tube. When I left him after lunch, he was at 4 litres and 25% oxgen. We want to see him at 0 and 21% like us. On Friday I was able to breastfeed him and by Saturday morning he was weaned down to 2 litres and 21% oxygen.

On Saturday evening, the nurses told me when babies are doing as beautifully as Boyd has been doing, they often will go from 2 to 0 and begin monitoring how he handles breathing like a normal kid for 24 hours.

I have been visiting NICU whenever I can, with Lowell dropping me off on the way to school and work, and my sweet friend, Paula, picking me up. Without Paula, or my sister, Grace, who has been here helping out in such a tremendous way, all of this would not be possible.

With all these angels and all the prayers storming heaven on our behalf, I know we are being carried through at a swifter rate. My body still needs to heal from major surgery, but I can also feel God working in me on that. I pay close attention to what my body tells me and sleep as often as I can between NICU, pumping, and just mothering 6 others.

He was out of his NICU bunker and in a normal hospital-baby-bed last night. The NICU also has a collection of little onesies, so they were able to find a 3-6 mos(!!!!) outfit for him to wear. He looks so handsome and grown up. *Insert allllll the heart eyes!*

On this beautiful feast of Divine Mercy, I am thankful for His mercies and praise His name! Thank You, Lord, for how far we have come, and please see us out soon! Amen.

*In a Nut Shell

Final Countdown

You know you’ve reached the end of pregnancy when…

You want to do all the projects.

You can only do so much on all the projects because you’re 64758590134 months pregnant. Or, as I more plainly put it, I still have an eternity to go. Possibly two!

You have a complete melt down because you know you are capable of handling all the projects, but being 64758590134 months pregnant suddenly leaves you incapable to, let’s say, start the lawn mower.

(Yes folks, inabilities to start lawn mowers is infact a real tear jerker!)

You still have all the projects waiting to be completed at the end of most days because you are still 64758590134 months pregnant.

You’re a stubborn cuss. Determined to just make stuff happen like you weren’t 64758590134 months pregnant with two eternities to go.

And, you lose all patience with people. And, you’re ravenous but sick of food because you’ve been on such a simple diet for 64758590134 months. And, you toss and turn all night as your hips grind and slide in n’ out.

And, and, and…. Really?

It’s all just petty complaints in a reality of the most beautiful thing. Have you ever heard the saying that says “women are the most like God in their life giving abilities”? Isn’t that awesome?

So, yes I have been pregnant for the same amount of hours, days, weeks, months alot of women are. And, yes, I experience similar discomforts and agitations and breakdowns. But, I know as soon as I am holding this precious gift, all of my whining will be a vague memory.

Today, I had my second to the last high risk doctor appointment. All the staff, the doctor, and the midwife congratulated me on a job well done on a 7th Type 1 Diabetic pregnancy with zero complications and maintaining an excellent A1c (average glucose readings). It didn’t come so easy for me this time, diabetes-wise, but I pulled through just the same, no worse for the wear, and get to meet this little-big human one week from today.

Please keep the baby and me in your prayers as we prepare for another C-section. And, please pray for the doctor and hospital staff that they have a steady hand and all goes as smooth as possible.

And, if/when you’re 64785890134 months pregnant, remember you will soon forget how many months it took, and that it most likely takes as long as it does because you need to be damn determined to push that bundle of joy into this world!

And, for heaven’s sake, don’t try to start a lawn mower unless all your other “let it go” attempts at a good cry have failed you. ;)

Edited to add: Please also remember my friends, Anna, Terese, and Theresa in your prayers. As I make light about being tired and grumpy, these ladies have all lost their babies in the past few weeks. What a tragedy to only hold your tiny child for a few hours, or few days, but what a blessing for that opportunity to kiss a tiny saint. How their arms and hearts must ache.

Jesus be their comfort. Amen. St. Jack, pray for us. St. Monica Jane, pray for us. St. Baby Burud, pray for us.

*Precious Moments, Snap!

Precious Moments {take 5}

I found some picture goodies in my camera roll. There is no rhyme or reason to the following, but I hope you enjoy!

Karolina looks SO much like her Auntie Jane. This was taken at the school’s Christmas concert that Faith performed at. Miss K is always making a silly face!
Still can’t believe Faith is 11 now!
Karolina & Anastasia have really become good buddies these past few months. I often find them in random situations having the time of their life. Daisy is never too far behind as she has discovered that Anastasia is famous treat-leaver-behinder ;)
My handsome husband and me at the Texas State Monument (that is bigger than the monument in D.C.) He drove me to see it during our trip to Houston for a wedding. We need to do more of these things ❤

Anastasia loved all the puppies! We got a home for all 4 girls – hooray!
After nearly a week of rain, we got a sunny sunset. One of those occasions that civilization gets in the way, but it’s still beautiful! <3
When you’re like 18 mos pregnant and waiting for your 4 yr old to go potty at the library, you put an almost 2 yr old on your hip and *snap!*
Apparently, we have edible flowers growing in the front yard so these girls were crawling around collecting some up! Haha
*In a Nut Shell

Presidents Day

Keeping it short and sweet, here is a shot of what happens over a three day weekend that is cloudy yet warm…

Pallet forts, puppy mazes and obstacle courses, and scaling fences (much to the delight of the neighbor’s dog!).

I have pork in the crock pot to have carnitas burrito bowls for dinner. It smells heavenly!

I’ve been doing alot of nesting even though I technically have 8 weeks of this pregnancy left. I look full term and the baby is weighing well into the 5lbs range. My numbers are still in pretty good range, blood sugar wise and amniotic fluid wise. Although I am taking the most insulin I have ever taken in pregnancy, and at any moment my body can decide to quit cooperating in the amniotic fluid filtering department. I meet with both doctors this week, so maybe we can start laying some ground work about what, when, and how this is going to actually unfold.

All of that brings to mind my recent chatter about my new blog. I have started a few posts, but I haven’t begun the development of the actual blog to put the posts on! It would seem like this is something so easy to do, but I am not rushing it, or forgetting it. I just want to do it all right, laying the ground work in such a way that I will stay consistent in posts and getting guest posts as well.

Anywho, I promise to share an update later this week if anything amazing or mind blowing pops up at my appointments.

P.S. I want to thank you all for your love and prayers. Today is Presidents Day, tomorrow is the 20th. It was on Presidents Day, Feb 20, last year (2017) that I suffered my seizure. God has blessed me abundantly with continued good health since then, despite the insurance obstacles we continue to face. His grace is always sufficient and I am still here. Alive and well, still receiving my needed meds and medical equipment.